Miles davis big fun blogspot er

miles davis big fun blogspot er

Bitches Brew was recognized as the proverbial “shot heard 'round the world” within weeks of being released by Columbia Records in April. MP3 CBR kbps | RAR | mb. Genre: jazz. Big Fun is the album by American jazz musician Miles Davis. This edition is a remaster. A blog about electronic music, jazz and more plus essays on culture and life. and their music into shapes formed by Punk, Free Jazz, Dub and, er, . Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 just as Miles Davis would do towards the end of the 60s with Bitches Brew. D. It's amazing to be able to swing dance to a live big band every month. I was never a fan of heights and just about to go on something that looked to be Trioen Isa med guitar/vokal, bas og trommer er næsten mere rock end jazz, hvis . jazz, music, john coltrane, miles davis, louis armstrong, charlie parker, billie. Miles Davis - Big Fun (). Artistlisting: James "Mtume" Forman - african percussion. Ron Carter - bass. Miles Davis - trumpet. Jack DeJohnette - drums. miles davis big fun blogspot er

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Poseidon's Underworld: Rustlin' Up More Bulges!

This post was eyepopping to say the least. Looks like David Nelson really was the big, er, bigger, brother. Eye popping to say the least. You could have called this one "Trouser Treats". I got a big kick out miles davis big fun blogspot er this, makes me wonder what people were noticing back in those wholesome, innocent days.

I must say it takes a really good looking man to pull off that outfit on Chad Everett,turtle neck with a scarf, leather suit and snakeskin belt and he's smokin' hot. Looking forward to in the underworld! You're right, David!! It's been too long since I've seen it Femia played Marshall, the girls' pipsqueak friend and Butrick's eternal sidekick. It's fixed now. Norma, glad you caught wind that somethin' good was cookin'!

Roberta and Gingerguy, Sorry! I didn't mean to leave you out. Somehow the first part of my response didn't make it. Must have deleted it in error. Roberta, I know what it looks like in that pic of Ricky and David, but Ricky was no slouch either! Look at the photos of him payphone guitar cover mp3 one of my earliest posts here! Gingerguy, I agree. I feel like I would have, regardless of the era.

Everything but frontal in "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie. Everett never did ANY nudity his whole, hot, spunky life and then did this as a senior citizen?!?! LOL It seemed to be a thing for a while I just discovered Laramie yesterday while channel surfing past Starz Classic Westerns. I got the vapors. Oh my! I've been watching the old cowboy movies again since I retired and like others, I can't imagine what else people were looking at if they were not noticing the fitted clothing.

It just makes me want to ride a horse myself! Post a Comment. Posted by Poseidon3 at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Love Joan" -- Dame Joan Collins via autographed menu supplied by a mutual friend! I had actually seen your blog video 07 ghost sub indo the heirs - a friend showed it to me a year or two ago.

You clearly have an intense and wonderful passion for cult and genre cinema My husband would have gotten a huge kick out of it! Heavily illustrated and highly informative". I was flattered and very happy with the photos some I had never seen and your talented style of writing. As a gesture of thanks, I would like to send you a signed copy of my book.

I think miles davis big fun blogspot er would enjoy it. So if you would like one or a signed photo, let me know with an address I can send it to. Rediscovered Treasures.

Bulges You Can't Beat Well, here we go again with a bountiful bevy of bulges, some more revealing than others, but all real and un-manipulated. I say this be Bursting with Bulges! Hard as it may be to believe, it's been about a year and a half since Miles davis big fun blogspot er visited the subject at hand. Celebrity bulges in movies and te Holiday Stuffing: Bulging at the Seams! We're breaking out the wishbones a little early this Thanksgiving season.

What began as part of a simple little post about the way ' Battles of the Bulge. It's been quite a while since I indulged in one of my tributes to the male form as showcased in clingy pants or something similarso Have a Memorable Memorial Day!

In The Underworld, the weeks and months from early-September to late-May are spent with one thing on our minds and that is the opening of Now Chest a Minute! We love to discover treasure chests here in The Underworld and have done so here and here. Today, we're going to uncover a few more Uncovering a Few Treasure d Chests!

Are you in the miles davis big fun blogspot er for a little miles davis big fun blogspot er Beefcake, that is? Today I'm going to unload a collection of photos I've been gatherin Beefcake Revisited. I recently revealed close to the one year anniversary of this site, I believe my utter lack of blogging savvy when I announced that I I'm All A-Buzz r Today!

Years ago, back before I had satellite TV and used cable instead, I had a friend who had it and would report back to me the glories of hav Fans of tan, hairy, in-shape chests, this is your day. This is the day when The Underworld is going to celebrate one of the all-time great e Anderson Trooper Faye-ing Away! Devoted Divers. About Me Poseidon3 View my complete profile. If you've ever seen Miles davis big fun blogspot er Narcissus you will recall his face.

When the twosome is introduced, things get pretty swingy. Perhaps someone noticed an issue in the earlier take. Before we leave the circus theme, I give you brothers Ricky and David Nelson. Did you know that, for a time in the early-'60s, these two performed a trapeze act?!

David took an interest in it after The Big Circus and coerced Ricky into joining him for a while. Strolling alongside Phil Carey in his weathered uniform, we get a quick glimpse of Steve Jr. This publicity shot of Clint Eastwood indulging in a workout was chosen more for his pal in the back and his straining shorts! I don't know the guy's 2sty stej flaj youtube, but I'd like to!

Is it Jock Mahoney, who I don't normally find very attractive? Poor Susan doesn't seem to realize that there can sometimes be snakes out at night! Years later on Fantasy Islanda rather waxen-looking Maharis guest-starred and showed that his dressing preferences hadn't changed much. In the episode, he and James Darren are competing over the affections of Helen Reddy!

I don't know if I've ever hated a miles davis big fun blogspot er coat more than this one, which is covering up part of hunkalicious Chad Everett's leather pants!

These next three pics are from a seaside photo shoot which blissfully contain Everett wearing some cut-off shorts, emphasis on short! I don't know how our Chad could have sat down on this day without slipping out of these.

Now if only I knew what the project was and if he wore this get-up in it! This is Christopher Jones, star of Wild in the Streets As a rock star who first supports a youth-oriented candidate, but late becomes President himself, he sported some very tight pants.

In this performance sequence, you can see the way he's poured into them. It's rather rare to see Jack Nicholson in pants so tight, but here he is in the classic movie Five Easy Pieces Why Karen Black is more focused on her bowling shoes is anybody's guess! Tom Berenger in one of his early movies perhaps The Dogs of War? Ricardo Montalban, of the aforementioned Fantasy Islandsometimes broke away from his white suits and donned some riding pants.

For those in the no Wednesday, 15 August Art Zine: Out of Nowhere now available! You can read more and buy it here. Tuesday, 8 May Album: I like my Funk uncut, but who doesn't? However, arounda funny thing happened; white kids extracted seminal fluids from the recently deceased corpse of Punk and spiked everyone's drinks with it at the mutant disco. The bands born of that experiment wouldn't be content to play Funk lite or heaven forbid 'blue-eyed soul'.

Oh no. This was a different beast altogether. But I'm getting ahead of myself There were a bunch of lads living close to the eye of the 'Madchester' storm but not about to embrace the whole Summer of Love, E'd-up, Rave on scenario, as stated in this lyric: Too young for Punk but keen on Funk, Jazz, Improv and more, they conjured up the spirit of '78, the one that had some contorting themselves and their music into shapes formed by Punk, Free Jazz, Dub and, er, 'experimental' Rock.

At a time when white music lacked 'attack' the E-ffect but dabbled in the 'baggy' version of Dance music or a straight-up take on Techno, Stretchmarks got themselves into another, state of mind.

You could say that, like E-heads tee-pee headsthey were escaping reality, but who can blame them? At my Soho cellar bar club, a friend would tell me of the chemicals he'd ingested and describe 'the scene' but Miles davis big fun blogspot er thought 'never mind the Balearics', what about Public Enemy?

Why not? We can all do the time warp. To an old fart like me who still treasures Defunkt or The Pop Group above most contemporary bands it's a treat anyway. One door Punk closed, another Jazz creaked open a few years later. Sorry, but I can't help referring to my musical past, it's so intertwined with that of Stretchmarks. Despite and because of the clear influences, this is a fascinating release.

All the relevant names I've mentioned are fed into the sound. What marks them out as very British, dare I say, are the 'eccentric' lyrics. Likewise, in a nonsensical fashion: Free-form, miles davis big fun blogspot er, raw and ridiculous, Stretchmarks proved it was possible to fake the Funk without fear of serious nose growth. I'm enjoying this album very much and that's no lie. You can buy it and the vinyl version on the Bandcamp page.

Band member Matt Wand's words are also, as always, worth reading. I've just learnt that only Rex, the guitarist, was actually too young for Punk. The best thing about Good Looking records was that because most started in an ambient fashion miles davis big fun blogspot er made mixing easy for someone like me, who never learnt beat mixing when I was a DJ. To say that was 'the best thing' isn't strictly true, of course. I only did so in order to reel out an old story from the days of mobile DJs which, I assume, still exist.

In the mids a friend once knocked at my door and asked if I wanted to go into the DJ-ing game with him. I was interested until he told me the cost of the turntables.

So he went ahead anyway and on one night declared over the microphone that the best thing about the Elvis record he'd miles davis big fun blogspot er played were the scratches at the end. Not that he was a proto-Christian Marclay-type sonic experimentalist or anything; he simply wanted to wind up the Teddy Boys in the hall. No, I'm not that old, but miles davis big fun blogspot er have to take my word for the fact that in Teddy Boys still existed. There were frequent running battles between them and Punks down the King's Road.

His comments sparked another battle between those two tribes on that night. He asked us if we'd stand in front of his speakers to protect them, which we did.

Luckily, both the Punks and Teds were more intent on damaging each other. At that price, I could find out the answer. Also in the shop was Radiohead's OK Computerfor even less, 69p, yet despite being tempted I couldn't even part with that measly sum in order to satisfy my curiosity regarding what many consider to be a 'classic'. Whenever I've seen Radiohead performing on TV they've annoyed the hell out of me. Having passed up on OK Computer at that price, I shall never know if I can find anything worthwhile in it.

Yes, I could go to YouTube, but cannot be arsed. I did buy a few Good Looking singles at the time but preferred labels with more bite, like Metalheadz or No U-Turn. Bukem brought a kind of sophistication to the Drum'n'Bass scene, not that others didn't try to do the same, just that he made a mission out of it. All these tunes are polished to a high sheen. I'm on the verge of saying 'you can't polish a turd' but that would be a little harsh.

My problem with a lot of these tunes now is the very thing that marked them out as Good Looking records in the first place; that gloss and, in places, 'soul' crooning all over the shop. At the time I would have forgiven it if the drum and bass were hard enough. So I've run through both discs and my only, admittedly weak sorry opinion is that a lot of the tracks are OK, running to good when the rhythm gets going.

The Bootleg Series, Vol. There seems to be little left to say about John Coltrane or Miles Davis, although such is our human nature plenty of prose about them will no doubt pour out until the end of the world. Today we're oh-so-wise about What Happened Next but it's not hard to imagine, having closed off retrospective wisdom, how shocking Coltrane's playing was in What happens is a draft of things to come not just from Coltrane but a miles davis big fun blogspot er of iconoclasts out to smash what used to be Jazz into pieces, miles davis big fun blogspot er very large pieces in the dongala bandi songs of minute voyages of discovering just how far they could go when blowing and in the process alienating many Jazz-lovers, just as Miles Davis would do towards the end of the 60s with Bitches Brew The miles davis big fun blogspot er is Coltrane was in a bad mood most of the time and wanted out; the sound of a prisoner sawing at his shackles doesn't always make for comfortable listening but neither does most of what he would unwittingly unleash in the form the The New Thing He had, after all, suggested Coltrane try taking the horn out of his mouth when he told his boss he didn't know when to stop, but the Free thing would be very much about not stopping, or more to the point, not being concerned about neatly tying up a tune what tune?

Did I blow for too long with that sentence? Oh well, consider it a homage Monday, 16 April Album: Sonae - I Started Wearing Black.

Sonae started wearing black some time ago - I'm not sure that's a good thing but I defer to her right to do so - me, I don't like black or wear it, except shoes for work. The negative connotations are obvious, although that aside, without a jardim do amor vando mdc youtube for what it may suggest, black is popular, mainly in the office. People are lazy, knowing that anything goes with black.

I understand. If your base sartorial colour is actually a colour, you have to work on the rest of the outfit. The problems of life Meanwhile, Sonae's music on I Started Wearing Black is not quite as Dark as the title suggests, without being cheery either. Personally I'm wary of cheerful people. I think they must be a bit simple, but at the same time, envy a little their ignorance-is-bliss state of existence.

I don't know what shiny happy people listen to Beyonce? Among the highlights is Dream Sequence with Gregor Miles davis big fun blogspot er. Except there's nothing 'high' about it; instead, a beautiful quasi-orchestral feeling of a half-remembered dream.

On this and throughout, Sonae loads the track with atmosphere courtesy of concrete-type sound. She has mastered the art of texture to the point where it becomes an art form, as opposed to a cheap easy route to supposed 'haunting' auras, hauntology-by-numbers. Thankfully, when she decides to use a beat, it doesn't sound like a tokenistic nod towards feeling obliged to liven things up but, as in the case miles davis big fun blogspot er the title track, an organic evolution, executed with taste.

Quality product. Monday, 19 March Modern Music is Rubbish! I could lay the blame, not on Mame, but J. Bach; to be precise, his cello suite No. It took less than a minute for me to think what all great music is capable of making us think, namely: The subject in the back of my mind is how middle-aged listeners relate to contemporary music, not that which inhabits the narrow specialist field they may still explore should they be interested in contemporary music, but the 'contemporary' as covered by the larger sites.

Unfortunately, even defining 'contemporary music' is not as simple as it once was, in the olde days when vinyl was all we had. That cassette-only album but on Bandcamp your Noise-making friend released recently is still, basically, contemporary music. But the fact that it will not even register on supposed earthlings movie sites means that, by inhabiting the very furthest margins, it is beyond being recognised in the contemporary field.

Pop music may not be aimed at my age group but that does not stop those within the demographic occasionally or even frequently blowing their tops about the state of modern Pop. Within most of us there's a trip mechanism liable to be set off at any time by the mere appearance on screen of a modern Pop star as, say, part of of newspaper's front page.

Watching coverage of Glastonbury is asking for trouble, yet sometimes we do so to reaffirm prejudices. This is problematic if one tries comparing say, Slade to Ed Sheeran. The thing here is that one made music for me, when I was a teeny bopper, which immediately makes Slade better. Ed Sheeran will be better, in 30 years time, for those who love him now, than whoever kids worship then.

Apologies for stating the obvious but part of this process must inevitably be the laying out of facts in order to try and find a truth. As I said to friend in a pub recently, the only chance contemporary music has of trumping what's gone before is by using new technology in such a way as to sir 1993 video song make something new.

Aste only one mp3 we also felt the rush of Jungle when it was new and so on. Such experiences taint us terribly, partly because they are firmly placed in the museum of groundbreaking Musical Events. Those who place them there will be from various generations, of course.

David halliday fundamentals of physics pdf

I have been meaning to write "lighter" post about living in Austriaamongs the "Wieners" focusing as is my wont on the strange and bizarre aspects of being here. While I hate the typical "Oh my God, these people do things differently from us, isn't that kooky! Chief among these: It's a great town for dogs but they don't pick up their dogs' shit.

Having a very cute Labrador, I am grateful that Vienna has a lot of parks and green space which are open to dogs, and that dogs are allowed on the buses, trains and in restaurants I can feel all you dog haters crossing Vienna off your itineraries right now.

BUT, even though this is a clean city where people don't throw trash on the streets, dog owners do NOT clean up their dog poops. Even though they all eventually step in some other doggies' do, it does not occur to them to, as Gandhi said, "be the change they want. Wieners openly and unashamedly break their own laws. One friend of mine here was commenting about driving in America and was amazed how much Americans mind the speed limits as compared to Austrians even thought heir speed limits are higher.

I, in turn, was amazed that he thought this, but miles davis big fun blogspot er made me realize that most Americans break informacion sobre llamadas skype guiltily, whereas here they do it without august alsina fml soundcloud music. There are occasional inspectors, but there are also websites that list the stations at which the inspectors will be on a given day.

Wieners are generally pretty grumpy people. When even Germans complain that Wieners are dour, you know something is amiss.

Again, I have no explanation for this. This is a clean except see above attractive well-run city with a good economy and a better climate than most of central Europe. I think it may have something to do with the fact they still haven't gotten over going from the largest empire in Europe at one time to a country the size of Maryland. Another Wiener friend of mine commented that "we don't like the Germans, we don't like the Swiss, we don't like the Italians, and we don't like ourselves very much either.

This sense-of-superiority-while-looking-for-something-to-feel-superior-to feeds I believe into the following tendency: Wieners like telling other people what to do. Again, when Germans complain that Wieners nag too much, you know it's a serious problem. These nags are particularly it seems sharp when it's over something that doesn't concern them in the slightest.

And, the thing I find most annoying Picture me broken album, besides stepping in other dogs' crap: Wieners are notorious line-cutters. Anyone who has ever been in a queue in the Third World will recognize the "triangle formation" of most Wien queues, with the apex somewhere at the end of the line and the base at the front, where numerous people are trying to edge their way in.

The old ladies are particularly good at this, it seems. Also, if you are in line at a supermarket, and another cash register opens, sprint as quickly as you can to the new line, because everyone else is. None of this "I can help the next person," stuff here. By the way, if you think American sales clerks hate their jobs, wait until you see the ones here. And while we're on the subject: Most bars and many restaurants here do not have cash registers.

This can cause getting drinks at bars to be agonizingly slow, as the ubiquitous leather money pouch must be opened and the correct change pulled from the mass of coins inside.

Again, I have no explanation why this is so. The technology exists, I have seen it. OK, disclaimers: I have largely enjoyed my time here. As I said, this is a very livable miles davis big fun blogspot er affordable city, with a lot of stuff going wwe games for pc 2013, and once you make some friends, you make very deep and lasting friendships.

But it is always the things miles davis big fun blogspot er doesn't expect that stand out. One final warning: That is the tradition here, the reverse of what we are used to fortunately, on my birthday my friends here understood this and bought me a round - my tradition rules! I am told it is this way in most of Europe except Englandso it is not specific to Viennabut I thought it a useful bit of advice for my fellow travelers - it can save you a lot of money.

AP Undercover government investigators purchased sensitive surplus military equipment such as miles davis big fun blogspot er mounts for shoulder-fired missiles and guided missile radar test sets from a Defense Department contractor Their purchases included several types of body armor inserts used by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, an all-band antenna used to track aircraft, and a digital signal converter used in naval surveillance.

Much of the equipment was sold for pennies on the dollar At least 2, sensitive military items were sold to 79 buyers in sales transactions from November to June Christopher Shays, R-Conn.

Contact Sporty: Monday, July 31, It's a train wreck -- the questions are serious, and Coulter has clearly crammed for the test, but she can't break out of the riffing-Vegas-insult-comic rhythm: You say that the Episcopal Church is "barely even a church.

Because it's become increasingly difficult to distinguish the pronouncements of the Episcopal Church from the latest Madonna video. Are churches that don't agree with your politics or religious beliefs not really churches? They're called "mosques. It's Christian apologetics with a two-drink minimum. She's Andrew "Dice" Aquinas. Ann Coulter's Favorite Bible Verses. No, really. Posted by Steve M. Or something like that.

Inspired by an article posted on a rightwing Israeli websiteBobowens and sundry likeminded jackals have apparently been spending an inordinate amount of time mired in gory photographs documenting the horrors committed at Qana. Based on just the web posting, a Wikipedia entry on rigor mortisand his own, keen CSI skillset, Bobo wens reaches his harsh verdict: I, for one, see clear evidence of a most revolting Hezbollah miles davis big fun blogspot er.

Suicide most foul! The whole thing was staged! Who knew Hezbollah was so devilishly ingenious? Oh, the author of the rightwing Israeli website piece knew it, and he even has a word for it: Careful, though--regarding Bobowens' verdict as that of a crazed conspiracy theorist just might get you IDed as Hezbollah yourself and eligible for prompt bombing by the IDF?

Assuredly, Hezbollah's miles davis big fun blogspot er will accuse those questioning the Qana attacks as conspiracy theorists, so I simply advise that viewers view the evidence with their own eyes, and draw their own conclusions from there. Just trust your eyes, wingers, that's where you'll find the truthiness of the matter. Posted miles davis big fun blogspot er ahab at 1: The Newest Threat to Our Military: Jon Swift has notified us of a new danger within the ranks of our very own military -- community theater actors!

He tells us the terrifying story of Bleu Copas, a soldier who was accused in an anonymous email of being gay, a strict no-no in this man's army. In following up on the accusations, army investigators asked Copas if he acted in community theater, and his positive response was all they needed to boot him miles davis big fun blogspot er of the service for good.

It turns out that while he was serving in the military, unbeknownst to his superiors, Bleu Copas whose name sounds like a stage name, which should have been a clue had acted in three community theater musical productions: And apparently he has not reformed his theatrical ways since being drummed out of the military as he has just been cast as the male lead miles davis big fun blogspot er a production of 'Bye, Bye Birdie'. I don't know how many of you have seen a community theater production, but I can tell you from horrifying first-hand experience that community theater is not very good at all.

The thought of one of our fighting men tromping around onstage with a bunch of amateur actors in front of slapped together plywood scenery singing wretched show tunes is just too horrible to imagine.

I don't know how many other soldiers are currently involved in community theater but I think the Pentagon needs to launch a full-scale investigation immediately. If it turns out that there is a cabal of thespians in the military recruiting other soldiers to perform in sad little theaters across the country, it needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible for the safety of our country.

Which is why is was extra-horrifying to read in the treasonous newspaper of record, the New York Times, about a theater program in Maine which teaches storytelling and acting to wounded soldiers as a way to assist in their rehabilitation. So, on one hand, we are kicking them out of the military if they are actors and on the other hand we are 'helping' them by teaching them acting?

This sounds like a commie moonbat plot! And once we realize the program is a plot, we are not surprised to learn that the originator of the program is a Catholic monk. The idea for the program came from Brother Rick Curry, a Jesuit who founded the workshop 19 years ago to provide what he simply calls 'options' for disabled theater miles davis big fun blogspot er. About 3, disabled students have participated in acting, music, dance and writing classes sincesaid Brother Curry, 63, but the program had never before specifically sought out veterans.

Last July, however, he met an Iraq war veteran whose leg had been amputated above the knee. Brother Curry, who often wears a clerical collar, recalled that the veteran "pulled me aside and said: I'm more scared than I was in Iraq.

As if one of our brave, wounded veterans is going to have any doubts at all even if they have left body parts behind in Iraq. Brother Curry wondered if theater might help the soldier find his way. It emboldens you. He was born without a right hand and forearm. When he was 6, his father enrolled him in an acting class near their home in Philadelphia to help him eliminate a stutter. Brother Curry said he experienced 'the transformative power of the arts.

Once we realize the depths to which the obviously deranged moonbat crackpots have sunk, we should be concerned about what they are going to do to our brave wounded veterans! The staff members had their reservations as well. McGill said. So, the deranged moonbat lunatics are forcing our brave soldiers to live communally as if they were just abject communists.

And they are forcing them to follow a rigorous daily schedule.

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