Picasa web albums all facebook

picasa web albums all facebook

I've blocked the facebook picasa web application (and flickr tab) and Aside from deleting my Facebook account, is there any way to stop this. Highlights info row image. 8 people follow this. AboutSee All. Highlights info row image. Contact Picasa Web Albums on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Google's Picasa Web Albums is a popular destination for storing your photos online. With over 1GB of free storage you can store a large number of photos in. Agreed with Adam Field; the copy to facebook button from Picasa is the easiest solution. Unfortunately, I know of no solution to automatically SYNC changes to. picasa web albums all facebook

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Picasa web albums all facebook use Picasa desktop tool to keep my photos organized and upload them to Picasa Web albums, however I use Facebook too pretty often picasa web albums all facebook was looking for a tool to upload photos from Picasa directly to Facebook. There are a few different ways to upload photos to Facebook one is a Facebook photo uploader and another is a plugin to upload images to Facebook from Windows Live Galleryhowever if you are a Picasa user there is another tool called Picasa Uploader which will allow you to upload images from Picasa directly to Facebook.

Step 1: Download the Picasa uploader application, you will be prompted to launch the Picasa application when you click on the download link. Step 4: Select the photos you want to upload to Facebook, and click on the Facebook button from the bottom of the screen. Step 5: A new window will open up, if you have already authorized access to Facebook, you will see a screen where you can add information about the album.

When the albums are uploaded you will have to personally login to Facebook and approve the uploaded photos, if you do not want to that everytime, just click on the enabling extended access, clicking on this link will show you a screen to authorize the application to upload photos. If you do not authorize the application to upload photos you will have to login to Facebook and go to your photos and then approve the images. On the other hand if you allowed the application to upload photos to Facebook, it will show up in your albums.

Pretty easy right, this is definitely a great tool for Picasa users who also use Facebook and will definitely save them a lot of time. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact usso we can take legal action immediately. Hey Are you on Twitter? So are we, follow me keithdsouza and our friendly bot techiebuzzer TAGS: Jump to.

Sections of this page. Picasa web albums all facebook help. Join or log in to Facebook. Email or Phone. Forgotten account? Sign Up. To upload images from Picasa to Facebook, follow the steps given below. Step 2: Add the Facebook Button to Picasa sterbende katze youtube er clicking on the Add button. Step 3: Follow the steps to authorize the application to access Facebook.

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How to Move Photos from Picasa to Facebook | CIO

Facebook users know the social network has a robust picture-sharing system. However, many Facebook members also use Gmailwhich automatically signs them up for Google's Picasa, a free picture-sharing and editing service. Not sure how to find it?

In Gmail, click on the "Photos" link on the upper left tool bar; it takes you to your Picasa account. When a Colleague is a "Friend": Picasa comes in two forms. One is the aforementioned Web-based version in Gmail.

It lets you upload photos and share them with friends or post them to a public website. The second way to use Picasa web albums all facebook — and this is the one that integrates with Facebook — is the Picasa desktop software, which runs on Windows. You can download the Picasa desktop software for free.

So assuming you have Picasa installed on your Windows desktop, and you have a Facebook accountlet's get started. Log into Facebook as you normally would. Go to the Picasa Uploader on Facebook see screenshot below. If for some reason that link doesn't work, you can go to the Facebook applications menu and search for it. Click picasa web albums all facebook Plug In.

Picasa launches, and a pop up window opens. You'll see, on the left hand column, "available buttons," including a Facebook button. Highlight it and click "Add" on the middle column. Hit "OK. Exit Picasa, and then reopen it. At the bottom of the screen, you will now see a "Facebook" button. To get picasa web albums all facebook photos from Picasa into Facebook, you need to have Picasa open to the folder from which you wish to upload photos.

Click on the photos to upload. To upload picasa web albums all facebook than one at a time, hold down the Control key as you click on them. Once you select all your photos, click on the Facebook button. A pop up dialog asks you to log into Facebook. Log in. You're greeted with a new pop up that has four fields: After you have filled them in with relevant information about the album, click Upload.

Now go to your home page on Facebook. In the right hand corner, under Requests, it should say, "1 pending album. If you don't see that message, click on Photos in the application box.

Then click on My Photos; the pending album should come up. Very important: Your album is not done until you click on the photos and approve them. That's necessary before you can share your album on Facebook. Facebook's new privacy settings also allow you to control access to who sees these photos see screenshot below. Current Job Listings. More on Facebook on CIO. This brings you to the Picasa Uploader page.

Picasa Uploader page. Facebook button is added to Picasa toolbar. It's on the left side of the toolbar pictured above. Moving Pictures from Picasa to Facebook To java 5 api documentation your photos from Picasa into Facebook, you need to have Picasa open to the folder from which you wish to upload photos. You must approve the photos before you can share them on Facebook.

Once you click "Approve Selected Photos," you're done and picasa web albums all facebook to share the album on Facebook. Next read this: Consumer Technology Software. How do you compare to your peers? Find out in our State of the CIO report.

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