Jittering video er

jittering video er

jitter, degrading the user's perceived quality of the video. Understanding the E ach ri is the tim e at w hich the receiv er receiv es fra m e i. In the presence of. io p r e s e n t a t io n j itt e r (m s) (a) audioframenumber video framenumber 0 Figure4depicts the presentation jitter of the audio and video streams at the. PDF | ABSTRACT In the transmission of digitally compressed video, a very important source of However, for one sequence with very low. Effects of transmission er- rors leading to packet loss and jitter were investigated in. [21] but study was limited to a small frame size and a fixed frame rate. jittering video er

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Download Max 8. Buy Max 8 Now. Expo ' Oct 02 7: Ableton Live 6 just released with support for triggering quicktime video samples. You can even send the video to a second monitor jittering video er fullscreen mode. This portugues evanildo bechara skype me to the question: Is jittering video er any way to route this video instead to a jitter matrix?

It would seem to me that there would be a way similar to soundflower where you "trick" the computer in to thinking it's outputting to a video card, then some sort of quicktime grab could import it in to a jitter matrix?

But maybe I'm missing something fundamental here? Is jittering video er too much to ask of a computer? Oct 02 This is not going to happen. What might be effective would be to create a Pluggo plugin which could be triggered in any way you like to send information via OSC or whatever to a MaxMSPJitter patch.

I'll have to learn more about Pluggo. Oct 03 The person who wrote Live's video implementation said to me that in his view it was impossible. I haven't played around with the controls and what have you that Ableton provided for this stuff. Is there any of it you couldn't do in a plugin? Oct 03 3: I was hoping it might be in Session mode too so I could trigger the video clips on the fly.

I guess I need to get building that video sampler in Jitter now Oct 03 4: Oct 08 It's not impossible. See Snapz Pro for the Mac. It does realtime 30fps screengrab to a quicktime movie. That means the screen data jittering video er accessible and could be spit out a variety of ways.

And I'm also not saying it'd be easy: Oct 09 7: Naturally you can do a screen grab - see jit. But that's not what SoundFlower, nor the tool that you want, does. Oct 10 Complete guess, but I bet something could be done with something similar to virtualization. Run an OS under some virtualization, then instead of showing the screen, piping that video to a quicktime jittering video er or something of the sort. Although Snapz doesn't do anything as elaborate, if it's fast enough for you, there could be some way to pipe that data into your app as well.

You might talk to the Snapz people to see i they would consider making a version of their software that can stream that data instead of creating a file. Both of these methods would likely be very hard. But then, I'm not a programmer. Oct 10 1: Oct 10 2: I'll have to work my way through what you just described.

Thanks very much for the clever workaround. Sign in to reply. Forums Jitter. Learn about our user conference. Try Max free for 30 jittering video er.

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