Zune for macs

zune for macs

Anything and everything relating to the Microsoft Zune. Found my old Zune when I was cleaning out some boxes in my room, but I dont have a PC anymore. Is there an easy way to have Zune interact with a mac or would I have to install a windows OS to use it?. Can Zune be downloaded on my Mac OS X to get pictures from my http ://amateure-x24.de Can Zune be downloaded on my Mac OS X to get pictures from my http ://amateure-x24.de Do you own a Zune but use a Mac? Must be rough. While there is no Zune media player software suite for Mac, Microsoft did write a quick and.

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Create an account Login: Lost password. Microsoft has confirmed today that they will be releasing Zune software for Macs by the end of the year, following many months of speculation. Says the software giant: Microsoft first announced zune for macs news via Twitter: More details soon. What's a Zune? Can I eat it with fries? I hate Zune software about the same amount as itunes. Rogue Jello - PSN: So, the least popular Software can be used on the least popular computer?

Is that for all Mac computers and all Zune users? Oh, Im sorry Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours? They should have had it for mac in the first place zune for macs just makes sense business wise. I know its not a large portion of the pie but a profit is a profit. ThePastor, the right question should be zune for macs many Mac users would actually have interest in acquiring a WP7 terminal for zune for macs.

It's a known fact that many Windows and Linux users own an iPhone not me, btwbut I don't think that it would work in both ways. Apple fanboys are so much more blind and radical about the platforms they work with than we PC users are. Originally posted by biglo I completely agree! Home News News search. Recent headlines AfterDawn Review: DSWarrior Send private message to this user.

ThePastor Send private message to this user. Frogfart Send private message to this user. I thought Zune had died, is it still alive? SomeBozo Send private message to this user. Latest news AfterDawn Review: The WHX series has reached its third version, Mark Perhaps they realized there's no fighting against Google and its Follow us: Latest News Software Updates. All rights reserved. AfterDawn Review:

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