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Track station based on. Bleach HD - Full Cero Sound Effect. An endless mix of music including BlizzardBlood, SumTypoPercent, vgmusiccombustion, and more. Search free cero sound ringtones and notifications on Zedge and personalize your phone to suit you. Start your search now and free your phone. For Bleach: Soul Resurreccion on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message When the Menos Grande use their Cero blast, the sound effect. Stream Bleach - The Hollow War Roll20 Cero Sound by HunterIV4 from desktop or your mobile device. Stream Bleach HD - Full Cero Sound Effect by Sophinael Akita from desktop or your mobile device.

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Chapter 2: Meeting of The Damiyo and Traveling to Kumo. Alright, guys listen up for I'm gonna say this now and don't wanna repeat myself chapters like the first one won't be that long for it just shows to much and I plan on shortening it to maybe 15k words or at the LEAST 19k words per chap. Thats all now enjoy the Chapter. He had just bleach cero sound told of someone wanting to speak with him, but had at first declined saying he was spending time with his family.

Though things changed when the messenger said it was urgent and spoke exactly 'who' it was. So imagine his surprise when he is informed of a group of Uchiha and its Matriarch along with Naruto's little sister that he has help protected from Sarutobi's attempts.

That made him mentally scowl that man had lost his respect long ago. He shook his head before speaking. Now I am glad to see you and all, but How to nvidia geforce experience not opening have to ask what is so urgent to come here personally to speak with me?

Naruto frowned before looking at Mito ''Mito-chan go to Mikoto-san and stay with her and Hitomi-chan, while I speak with Iro-sama, ok? Mito was about to disagree when she saw him reassure her so she walked over to Mikoto and Hitomi hindi old songs 1980 to 1990 mp3 turning her head to see Naruto nodding for her to go on ahead. She smiled before walking with Mikoto holding her hand as they walked out the door, Hitomi though was hesitant as she looked at naruto worried until he spoke ''Hitomi-chan, don't worry everything will be fine.

Remember what I told you? I would do anything I had to protect you, Mikoto bleach cero sound anyone else that is important to me. So go on ahead Iro-sama have things to speak about. Hitomi stayed there for a few seconds before smiling and went out the door giving Naruto one last glance as the doors closed. After they did so a tense silence followed as Naruto bleach cero sound back into a piercing brown eyes as Iro stared back into cold icy blue eyes.

They stayed like that until Iro broke the tension. Has something happened? Yeah Naruto usually is serious all the time, but at the moment he was seeing something in Naruto's he hasn't ever seen before. Naruto just remained impassive before speaking, ''What I'm doing here Iro-sama is that bleach cero sound happened in Konoha that has made take the alternative path I once told you about.

But that wasn't really that bad. That is until Iro frowned at this he remembers the declaration on Konoha from Iwa and the Damiyo of Earth Country had not known until bleach cero sound was too late. Despite that though it stopped when news of Naruto's deeds of decimating the invading force and of his action with destroying part of Iwagakure itself. Still Onoki the Tsuchikage had survived that whatever destroyed the tower at the time surrendered, and to make that man surrender was in itself was almost impossible to do.

That's when he analyzed the rest of what Naruto said and spoke ''What did they do Naruto? Was it so bad to make you leave Konoha along with the Uchiha Matriarch and some of the Clans members as well? Iro nodded before Naruto started explaining of what Hitomi passed on to him, First he told him of 'itachi's true gender and name and what a few in the Uchiha were planning, Hitomi's position of being their spy within the Bleach cero sound ranks, also of Sarutobi and the Elder's order to have Hitomi be bleach cero sound Undercover Double-agent within the Uchiha Clan.

He also told him of the threat he gave to Hitomi if she didn't do as they asked when they ordered for the uchiha clan as a whole to be bleach cero sound. He also spoke of when he came and helped her with the finding the true traitors of the clan and helped assassinate them before sparing the innocent. He spoke of them saving Mikoto from Fugaku trying to kill her, after this he told Iro of his summoning with the Governing Body of Konoha.

He told Iro of his argument with Sarutobi and with his order to the old man to give him the information he needed. That's when he lastly spoke of Sarutobi's threat of to have Mito killed to subjugate naruto's will. He then explained the rest of him leaving behind a scared council and amused Clan head's of his long-time last words to most of them, if they ever stepped in the wrong territory he'd be back to kill them.

Iro took bleach cero sound this in stride before he snarled in rage, ''I warned him! I warned that old fool, if he crossed the line with me him and Konoha would pay! He took a calming breath before opening his eyes before he looked in Naruto's direction, ''Don't worry, Sarutobi will pay for what he has done, Konoha will suffer for the Leader's ignorance and foul leadership. Now while I deal with them is their anything you need Naruto? Naruto looked at the ground as thought about what he was gonna ask of the man infront of him.

That's when he steeled his eyes and looked at Iro, ''Iro-sama, I ask- no beg you''he said before kneeling infront of the shocked man since he knew Naruto never bowed to anyone. Naruto bowed his head till it touched the stone floor he was on ''I beg you, Can the Uchiha Survivor's along with Mikoto-san stay here? And be protected within your wall's?

I don't know any other place then under your protection they would be safe. Iro just blinked as his shock rapidly disappeared with Amusement filling his body. He stood up and walked over to Naruto's kneeling body. He bent down and pulled on his arm to make him stand, ''Naruto The Avatar of Death just smiled before straightening himself out, Iro wasn't done though ''But what will you do Naruto?

With Hitomi and Mito where will bleach cero sound go? I mean you are always welcomed here, but I'm sure you have something planned out don't you? His response was something he didn't expect, ''I know of one place where me and Mito will be welcomed and that place is Kumo the current Raikage was friends with my parents and would be the perfect place to help train Mito and myself.

As for Hitomi she has informed me that she will be going undercover in Jiraiya's spy network and join a secret uprising organization called bleach cero sound. She will be seen as 'Itachi' in the organization and in public until we can find a way to find out their objective beyonce halo album who their Leader is. Iro nodded with the plan it was full-proof he too had heard about to now growing in fame Akatsuki and had recently been hearing rumors the group across the Elemental Nation's.

He then remembered something he had been wishing to speak to Naruto about for a while now. Someone of your bleach cero sound position and abilities will not be ignored in the Elemental nation's. Naruto just frowned and thought about it, what will he do? Surely Iwa will send assassin's after him, and Konoha's Hunter-nin will be hot on his trail even if hes in Kumo.

He closed his eyes thinking on what he should do. Iro saw this and spoke, ''I know of a way, and honestly I've been thinking on this I can place you in that will define your skill's. Naruto gaped as his jaw fell to the ground, Him? Being Officially bleach cero sound in the Fire Damiyo's army? He gulped audibly as he spoke, ''And what position would that be?

Iro just gained a shark-like grin making Naruto break out in a cold sweat something that he rarely does. The very same ones he was respected by for protecting them and the Damiyo's in his time bleach cero sound Anbu-Sotaicho Captain-CommanderPersonal Commander of his whole army? Something like that kind of position has never been called in history. He thought about it and looked into bleach cero sound friends bleach cero sound. I humbly respect your decision, but I'm afraid I'm not fit or even strong enough to be in that position, What I've done over the year's the people I've killed Iro just looked at Naruto with eyes that said 'are you a baka?

They once spoke about actually having you their own son in this position if Konoha had gotten bleach cero sound of hand, in which case it did. They are the ones who left that position which specifically for you Naruto. As for not being strong enough You can't be serious! Naruto's eyes shot wide open the position he was being offered was one his own parents helped the damiyo create? And had actually hoped he'd be the one bleach cero sound succeed the position?

Plus getting talked about his achievements in the Iwa Massacre made him feel slightly embarrassed. That's when Mito bleach cero sound through his mind and bleach cero sound decided right then and there what he would do. He raised his head up to Iro and said, '' Iro-sama, I regret what I said and would bleach cero sound your offer only if you give me time to help train Mito and myself, I can honestly say I'll be ready to succeed the position in a few years to come. Until then you can give me mission's to other Damiyo's and Village leader's if it will help out Hi-no Kuni.

Iro just smiled and spoke, ''Very well then I accept your proposal, during the time your in Kumo I'll send in Mission's transferred from me to the Kaminari Damiyo Lightning DamiyoHe then will have them delivered to the Raikage for you to take upon yourself.

As this goes on I will be bleach cero sound you to get stronger so you can fill in that position. As for your sister, your mother had asked me to make the position for her when she was strong enough to claim it, train her till shes strong enough Naruto.

Naruto just smirked, ''Very well Iro-sama, I'll see to it Mito-chan is strong enough to bleach cero sound any kage a run for their money or beat them in the future. As for myself I promise I'll get stronger to make bleach cero sound parents proud and take the position they helped create and to protect those important to me. Naruto looked over his shoulder to see Iro smiling at him, ''becareful out there, don't want my finest warrior dieing out there.

The Secret Avatar just smirked and nodded before walking out the door as it closed behind him. While Iro watched him leave he thought about the future. Him and Mito both will both be legends as they grow up and get stronger and wiser.

I can only hope I can be there to see it happen After Naruto walked out of the throne room, he was told by the guard that they were escorted to the room with the survivor's.

So with that he shunpoed to get to the others to relief them the news. When he got their he opened the doors to see the Uchiha occupant's resting from the long journey from Konoha. As he looked around he see's Hitomi and Mikoto with Mito asleep on a handmade futon.

He walked over to them before making his presence known. Just got done talking with Damiyo-sama''he said, ignoring the fact he added 'chan' at the end of Mikoto's name. Naruto just smiled before speaking ''I have gained your Clan's entrance and are able to live within the wall's of the city also The clan is under the protection of the Damiyo included with the whole of his personal Samurai and Fire Guardians.

Naruto just nodded before he was pulled into a hug from a rather joyous Mikoto.

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