Bullet for my valentine the poison

bullet for my valentine the poison

Meanwhile, in Bridgend, Bullet For My Valentine were newly signed, and about to start work on their first record – The Poison. It had been a. The Poison is the debut studio album by the Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine. The album was released on 3 October through Visible Noise . More By Bullet for My Valentine. See All · Fever. Scream Aim Fire. Temper Temper (Deluxe Version). Venom (Deluxe Edition). Scream .

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Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison [HQ] [+Lyrics]

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Bullet for My Valentine hails from the same stomping grounds in South Wales as peers Funeral for a Friendthus sparking comparisons between the Welsh acts that go further than a fondness for bullet for my valentine the poison, morose band names.

It's hard to deny a certain likeness to their Funeral friends throughout The Poison -- check out the dynamics bullet for my valentine the poison "Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow" -- but the difference lies with BFMV 's songs falling much closer to the metal side of things, chugging harder through emotional lyrics than their melodic counterparts.

For fans of Alexisonfire and Atreyuthey employ the glossy, melodic metal-meets-emo aesthetic, utilizing darkly romanticized lyrics that are smoothly sung and growled side-by-side. Bullet for My Valentine 's self-proclaimed love of powerful riffs and classic metal is dotted all over their full-length debut "Room ," "Spit You Out"though it begins with a deceivingly tranquil instrumental intro that leads directly into the metalcore realms of "Her Voice Resides.

Overall, The Poison is a well-produced, solid effort -- but seeing as they're now trying to take over American hearts, it sohyang upon this rock mp3 be nice to see future attempts to distinguish themselves more from the new-school pack.

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Bullet for My Valentine. Her Voice Resides. Tears Don't Fall. Hit the Floor. Room The Poison. Cries in Vain. Spit You Out. The End. Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow. Bullet for My Valentine feat: Spotify Amazon.

bullet for my valentine the poison

At the beginning offour young boyos from south Wales were about to shoot to success. The climate in our world was changing — nu metal was on its way out and a new clutch of bands bullet for my valentine the poison taking classic twin guitar harmonies and giving them a 21st century update.

Meanwhile, Trivium had been in the studio working on their breakthrough album, Ascendancy. It had been a long time coming. After signing a five-album deal with Sony, had been a whirlwind, seeing them tour in support of bands such as Anthrax and 36 Crazyfists, as well as playing Download and releasing a five-track EP.

Still, as the clock struck midnight on New Year, with the boys celebrating at the houses of their friends twixtor sony vegas pro 11 family in Bridgend, they had no idea where their journey would take them next.

In MarchBullet were set to go into the studio with renowned metal producer Colin Richardson. They had given up their jobs to pursue their dreams, and their hunger was combined with a sense of nervous anticipation. Matt Tuck: We held off quitting until the last moment. On my last day, I went straight to the tattoo shop and got myself a big piece. But it was also really difficult times, because I had my first mortgage.

Going from decent pay to nothing, I really struggled. And I remember my dad coming down to the house and giving me a cheque to cover my mortgage for two months, and getting all upset bullet for my valentine the poison thanking him.

But the music took over, and I started drinking and smoking and going to heavy metal shows. And that was it. Decamping to the residential Chapel Studios in rural Lincolnshire, the foursome launched themselves into making the album, recording by day and piecing together last-minute songs at night.

It was all those sprinkly magic moments. But this was the real deal — we had budget from the label, we were in a world-class studio, and we were away from home. It was crazy, mental times. Although it was fun, it was really stressful as well. The sessions did not go well. But when we got there, we were all super-shy, just little young boys out of our comfort zone.

We were basically left there to fend for ourselves as well. There was no budget for food. Garth was taking our songs to a completely different place. This is our baby! Tensions were high because everybody was hungry and away from home. We all came home with our heads in our hands on the plane, running to Colin almost in tears. Colin Richardson producer: Bullet took up with Colin again to finish the record, and they spent a week with Andy Sneap, but time was against them.

After a month in Canada, tengen toppa gurren lagann 27 now had to balance recording commitments with touring as support to Funeral For A Friend.

Excitement levels were high, but the pressure was on. The Poison would end up costing half a million dollars. Some of the vocal parts were so angry and pissed off and excited that I pushed like crazy to get this aggressive performance out. There were some spinny, pass-out moments. And I felt rotten, and had panic attacks. On the take, you can hear a scream, and then this dropping body. We went into the studio, and he was laying on the floor passed out.

When I was worrying, I was increasing my heart rate, which was making me panic more. I needed to man up. It was just getting all this done. You start to get these pressures — starting to get into the public eye, and the metal world. There was anticipation for the record, and I wanted it to be the best. Aside from private stresses and strains, Bullet were finally making their mark. You could see him counting the money in his eyes! It was a really nice moment, knowing we were doing something that would benefit our career.

Tears… was the turning point for me becoming a songwriter, because I started to think about what I was saying. A song like The End is really twisted. The Poison was released on October 3,and went to Number 21 in the UK Top 40 — a big deal for a young metal band. An even bigger tour followed in January, culminating in Brixton Academy.

They had made bullet for my valentine the poison. There was not a band that sounded like us. The metal scene had bullet for my valentine the poison with Killswitch, and there was Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium. There was a new breed of fucking dog in town, and we were the British representatives.

America happened, and then Metallica got on the phone, and then Axl. It was bizarre. I put them on the guestlist and met them after the show. I ended up getting this muscle relaxant shot in my ass. For some reason, I thought it was a bullet for my valentine the poison idea to tell the crowd! I walked downstairs, had a big swallow, and played my heart out. Maybe some of the emos in the front row will!

Bullet For My Valentine's new album is out this year. The band play Download festival in June. See more Metal Hammer features.

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