Weapon of war

weapon of war

Sexual violence used as a weapon of war has always been present in conflict, as silent as its victims seem invisible. Often referred to as “war rape”, sexual. Taking care of victims and speeding up justice: those are the two main missions of Back Up, the digital tool designed to combat war rape throughout the world. In Weapon of War, a number of soldiers and former soldiers tell their stories. Many of them are speaking about the atrocities they have committed for the very first. Rape: Weapon of war. Is rape really a matter for the United Nations? The Security Council has answered that question with a resounding yes by voting. weapon of war

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An antimatter weapon is a theoretically possible device using antimatter as a power source, a propellantor an explosive for a weapon. Antimatter weapons cannot yet be produced due to the current cost of production of antimatter estimated at 63 trillion dollars per gram given the extremely limited technology available to create it in sufficient masses to be viable in a weapon, and the fact weapon of war it annihilates upon touching ordinary matter, making containment very difficult.

Antimatter production and containment are currently impenetrable barriers due to current technological limitations to the creation of theme phone samsung champ weapons. Quantities measured in grams will be required to achieve a destructive effect comparable with conventional nuclear weapons.

Currently, the few known physics reactions for producing antimatter involve particle accelerators or particle bombardmentbut are both currently highly inefficient and prohibitively expensive.

The global production rate per year is only 1 to 10 nanograms. Since the first creation of artificial antiprotons inproduction rates increased nearly geometrically until the mids; A significant advancement was made recently as a single antihydrogen atom was produced suspended in a magnetic field. Physical laws such as the small cross-section of antiproton production in high-energy nuclear collisions make it exceedingly difficult to improve the production efficiency of antimatter given current technology.

Research conducted in dramatically increased the quantity of positrons antielectrons that can be produced. Physicists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California used a short, ultra-intense laser to irradiate a millimetre-thick gold target which produced more than billion positrons.

The second problem is the containment of antimatter. Antimatter annihilates with regular matter on contact, so it would be necessary to prevent contact, for example by producing antimatter in the form of solid charged or magnetized particles, and suspending them using electromagnetic fields in a near-perfect vacuum. The obvious solution of confining a charged object inside a similarly charged container is not feasible as the electric field inside is uniform.

For this reason it is necessary to have charged objects moving relative to the container which can be confined to a central region by magnetic fields; for weapon of war, in the form of a toroid or Penning trap see below. In order to achieve compactness given macroscopic weight, the overall electric charge of the antimatter weapon core would have to be very small compared to the number of particles.

For example, it is not feasible to construct a weapon weapon of war positrons alone, due to their mutual repulsion. The antimatter weapon core would have to consist primarily of neutral antiparticles. Extremely small amounts of antihydrogen have been produced in laboratories, but containing them by cooling them to temperatures of several millikelvins and trapping them in a Penning trap is extremely difficult.

And even if these proposed experiments were successful, they would only trap several antihydrogen atoms for research purposes, far too few weapon of war weapons or spacecraft propulsion. Heavier antimatter atoms have yet to be produced. The difficulty of preventing accidental detonation of an antimatter weapon may be contrasted with that of weapon of war nuclear weapon.

Whereas nuclear weapons are ' fail-safe ', antimatter weapons are inherently ' fail-deadly ': In an antimatter weapon, any failure of containment would immediately result in annihilation, which would damage or destroy the containment system and lead to the release of all of the antimatter material, causing the weapon to detonate entirely at full yield.

In short, an antimatter weapon must be actively kept from detonating; whereas a nuclear weapon will not unless deliberately made to do so. Smaller weapons are more economically weapon of war This excludes the cost of the micro containment device if such a thing is possible. Antimatter-catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion proposes the use of antimatter as a "trigger" [11] to initiate small nuclear explosions; the explosions provide thrust to a spacecraft.

The same technology could theoretically be used to make very small and possibly "fission-free" very low weapon of war fallout weapons see pure fusion weapon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

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Sexual violence used as a weapon of war has always been present weapon of war conflict, as silent as its victims seem invisible. It is defined and decided in the same way that the bombardment of a village, the extermination of a people, the gassing of a community is decreed. If weapon of war in war has always existed; rape as a tool of war has become endemic and almost systematic in contemporary conflicts. The victims are rarely heard, with little treatment; the perpetrators are only very exceptionally brought to weapon of war.

Yet a legal framework exists. As early asUN Security Council Resolutions and declared that the use of rape and other sexual violence in times of conflict can constitute a war crime, a crime against humanity or be a constituent weapon of war of genocide. For centuries, sexual violence in times of conflict has been tacitly accepted and considered inevitable. Inthe UN noted that over the centuries, armies have seen rape as a legitimate part of the spoils of war. During the Second World War, all parties to the conflict were accused of mass rape, yet none of the two tribunals established by the winning Allied countries to prosecute war crimes — in Tokyo and Nuremberg — recognized the criminal nature of sexual violence.

It was not untilwith the mass rape of women in former Yugoslavia, that the issue came to the fore at the United Nations Security Council. Subsequently, the statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ICTY included rape as a crime against humanity, alongside other crimes such weapon of war torture and extermination committed in armed conflict, and directed against a civilian population.

In addition, the Tribunal expanded the definition of slavery as a crime against humanity to include sexual slavery. Before that, forced labour was the only type of slavery to be considered a crime against humanity. More than one third of those convicted by the ICTY have been convicted weapon of war crimes involving sexual violence. Init became the first, and to date the only international tribunal to consider t he acts of an accused person, guilty of rape, as a crime of genocide i.

The judgment against a former mayor, Jean-Paul Akayesuconsidered rape and sexual assault to be acts of genocide insofar as they were committed with intent to wipe out the Tutsi ethnic group, in whole or in part. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court ICCin force since Julyincludes rape, sexual slavery, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy, forced sterilization or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity amongst crimes against humanity when committed in a widespread and systematic manner.

The arrest warrants issued by the ICC include several charges of rape as both a war crime and a crime against humanity. Finally, on 21 Junethe Congolese national Jean-Pierre Bemba was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity concerning the rapes he ordered in the Central African Republic. This is the first time that not only has the ICC taken up the issue of war rape, but it has also condemned Jean-Pierre Bemba in his capacity as commander and not as a direct perpetrator.

This proves how war queeky adobe is not just a question of those who commit rape, but above all the question of those who order the use of this weapon as one would order the shooting of civilians.

This historic decision how can i youtube videos to my computer yahoo answers the way to a better understanding of rape as a weapon of war of war that has nothing to do with weapon of war sexual drive.

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